How it works

Newton360 will provide comprehensive performance information regarding company and employee performance. The information will be collected and synthesized in real time and will be available for the members of the leadership team to enrich the employee encounter and improve employee engagement.

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Synthesize Data Points

Newton360 synthesizes information from disparate EMS data systems that empowers supervisors to perform more effectively and efficiently, and drives organizational performance, as well as, employee engagement and retention.

Retain Your Best Talent

Regular and ongoing performance feedback improves employee performance because employees feel more valued in their roles.

Filters & Prioritizes What’s Important

Newton360 distills key scheduling, time keeping, dispatch, ePCR, and incident reporting information in a mobile platform that empowers the supervisor to have a more meaningful and enriched interaction with their field staff in real-time.

Drive More Encounters

Newton360 allows supervisors to maximize their most valuable resource, time. The platform allows multiple supervisors to operate collaboratively, managing a distributed workforce, across multiple geographic locations, ensuring that all employees feel like part of the team.


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