Scott Moore

Scott Moore began developing Newton360 in early in 2018.

Scott is an employment attorney who is also an experienced EMS provider, leader, operations and HR consultant who continues to respond to emergency calls in his hometown. After experiencing nearly every aspect of EMS through his career path, and helping others navigate the twists and turns of employment law, service operations, and leadership development, Scott realized there were a few common contributors to the big issues many EMS services experience. Some examples might be low employee morale, inability to recruit and retain good employees, and situations that may have been easily corrected at one time grow into costly legal problems. Those common threads are:

  • Communication
  • Trust
  • Accountability

Each time Scott encountered a situation, particularly those dealing with HR related issues, he kept coming back to Newton’s Third Law of Motion: For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

That is when Newton360 was born.

The goal of Newton360 is to help services understand and balance the actions and reactions happening in their service every day. If a supervisor can greet a new employee by name the first time they meet them (action), the new employee will feel like a valued part of the team (reaction). If an employee and supervisor can exchange regular, honest feedback (action), they will build trust, and a culture of accountability will spread through your organization (reaction). If the directors and executives can see what their front line supervisors are doing, and trend employee and supervisor evaluation scores things such as favoritism and retaliation (action) can be identified and corrected (reaction) before they become costly legal issues that negatively impact recruitment, retention, and reputation downstream.

Peter Thomas
Sale & Market Strategy

Peter M. Thomas is the founder and managing director of Hillspoint Consulting, a Charlottesville, VA-based sales and marketing reengineering firm that helps small and medium-size businesses generate rapid revenue and profit growth; establishing and supporting direct and indirect distribution channels into the consumer, small/medium business (SMB) and Fortune 2000 markets. If senior management doesn’t have a sales core competency – or wants to expand and improve an existing sales competency – they call in Hillspoint.

Hillspoint first aligned with Workforce Dynamics, Inc. and Newton360 in 2017 for a market validation and strategic analysis project. Based on the response and feedback from the initial project, Thomas invested in the venture and transitioned into an active sales leadership and execution role.

Prior to founding Hillspoint in 2003, Thomas was senior vice president of global sales at SPL WorldGroup prior to its acquisition by Oracle Corporation, and senior vice president of global sales at META Group prior to its acquisition by Gartner Group. He has personally founded and built 10 start-ups and has been primary or sole consultant on many more. Thomas has run sales and marketing teams ranging in size from an island of one person and a dog – to 150+ team members disbursed around the world; managing P&Ls from a starting point of zero increasing to $100+ million.

He is the author and creator of the 3-Dimensional Customer Engagement System and uses that platform in many of Hillspoint’s client engagements. In addition to his go-to-customer strategy and fractional leadership engagements, he delivers training courses and workshops to sales, marketing and management teams on the use of the 3-D Engagement System to dramatically increase market penetration and revenue flow.

Thomas has lived and worked in the Middle East, Scandinavia, Europe, Asia-Pac, and the U.S. He majored in Geology and minored in Computer Science at the University College of Wales in the United Kingdom.


VLI Tech
Technology Team